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What is space weather?

These days, we depend on the space systems such as communication satellites, broadcast satellites, meteorological satellites, and global positioning system (GPS) satellites for many of our modern convenience and for navigation. The construction of the International Space Station and space travel planned by private sectors increase the potential of civilians visiting space.

Many risks are associated with the environment in space, such as radiations hazards that astronauts face, single event upsets of electrical equipment on satellites, degradation of solar panels. In addition, geomagnetically induced currents associated with intense geomagnetic storms sometimes cause problems on power grids on the Earth.

"Space Weather" encompasses the many effects of space environment on our activities. The NICT is a leader in international research activities to improve the accuracy of space weather forecasts.

In the space weather center of the NICT, we monitor real-time data from satellites and ground-based observatories and issue a forecast at 6:00 UT everyday.

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